About Us

Tim Clark, CEO, and Founder of Tradebloc Inc. is a 22-year veteran of the Credit Repair Industry and currently the industry’s number one money earner. The industry has changed over the past two decades, and Tim has remained a leader in innovation, beginning with Master Credit, followed by Credit Guard, and today, Tradebloc.

Master Credit, a 501(c3) non-profit debt and credit counseling company, was founded in 1998. Master Credit has helped over 5000 clients get out of debt.

Credit Guard, founded in 2005, was voted “Nation’s Best Credit Repair Company.” Credit Guard was licensed, registered, and bonded and an Accredited Member of the Better Business Bureau, holding an A+ rating throughout its entire existence. Credit Guard enrolled over 10,000 clients since it’s inception, generating approximately $15 million in credit repair revenues. No one in this industry has generated as much credit repair revenue as Credit Guard while maintaining a 99.95% client satisfaction rate.

Tim Clark’s latest vision, Tradebloc Inc. was founded in 2018 and engineered to be used by leading companies to protect and enhance the credit of their clients. Tradebloc’s services provide a higher level of credit repair for corporations who desire to present it to their clients, either as an added value or to white label.

Tradebloc is the only credit repair company in the industry that focuses solely on Affiliates; the clients of other companies and whose services are not available to the general public.  Tradebloc has already acquired nearly a hundred corporate clients generating approximately 1000 new credit repair clients each month. What Tradebloc provides is unique and unprecedented in the credit repair industry.

Tradebloc provides a complete list of debt relief options for there clients including Debt Settlement, Contract Cancellation, and Bankruptcy Services.

Tradebloc has begun a significant push into Credit and Identity monitoring services; we are determined to be an industry leader of this field. This service is powered by IdenitytIQ.

Tradebloc has innovated the travel arena by building the best travel fulfillment technology in the world to give its members the world’s best, authentic, discounted travel. 

Tradebloc Inc. is proud to announce the opening of its venture capital division named Tradebloc Capital.  Many future exciting projects to be announced.

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