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Dear Credit Minded,    I have been in the credit repair industry for 22 years and helped over 50,000
clients achieve their goals of a perfect score. Currently, I am the credit
repair industry’s top money earner.  I have tried literally dozens of
various credit monitoring services during my career and I can honestly say,
nothing compares with IdentityIQ.
FACT!  The people with the highest credit scores monitor their
I can honestly tell you the difference
between a person with an average credit score and those who maintain a great
credit score are those who monitor their credit reports monthly.  If
you want to have a 700 plus credit score you need to be on IdentityIQ.
I invite you to check out IdentityIQ by clicking the link
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Tim Clark CEO/Founder, Tradebloc Inc.IdentityIQ Member 

Knowing your creditscore is the key to a higher credit score

IdentityIQ effectively monitors your credit on a whole new level. With this service, you are alerted to changes when authorized users are added to your credit cards or when your TransUnion score changes by 10+ points. This feature puts you in the drivers seat and enables you to see changes and take action quickly before your credit is damaged. We want to give you the best, so we’ve gone above and beyond what others in the market offer and included premium features and select products. 
Our Enhanced Credit Protection Includes:

Authorized card users
Bankcard goes over the limit
Closed trade lines
Collections excluding medical
A decrease in collection balances
An increase in collection balances
Lost / stolen card
New charge-off

New foreclosure
Paid collections
Paid trade lines
Retail card goes over the limit
10-point decrease in TransUnion credit score
10-point increase in TransUnion credit score

IdentityIQ Offers Peace of Mind Through Our Advanced Credit
Monitoring Technology 

 Relax and let IdentityIQ protect you from identity theft
with 24/7 real-time alerts and more.

Credit Reports and Score Alerts
We monitor your credit report for suspicious activity and provide you with multiple reports per year because we know it’s one of the most effective ways to detect identity theft.

• 12 reports/scores per year• Reports from all 3 bureaus• Will not hurt your score

Enhanced Credit Monitoring
Best-in-class service starts with offering more than just basic credit monitoring. We take it to the next level.

New account alerts
New cleared user alerts
Score change alerts

24/7 Application Monitoring

In many cases, suspicious transactions on your credit card or bank account can be one of the first signs of identity theft.

• Utilities, phone, accounts• Millions of transactions• Transaction monitoring

Identity Theft Insurance
If you have out of pocket costs due to ID theft, you’re covered with up to $1 million in ID theft insurance. ⁸

• Lost wages• Legal/expert expenses• Stolen funds reimbursed

Identity Restoration
If you ever become a victim of identity theft, we are here to personally help you restore your name.

Full ID theft restoration
Dedicated case manager
100% U.S. based fraud
restoration service

Family Protection
Child identity theft can affect your children long into adulthood. If your child’s information is compromised, your plan includes family identity theft insurance to help cover damages.

• Full ID theft restoration• $25,000 theft insurance

How IdentityIQ can safeguard your credit by protecting against identity theft.

Without any identity protection, theft can happen to anyone at any time. On average,
identity theft victims suffer over $1K in fraud and countless hours of stress. Thieves move
at the speed of technology giving them access to your information within minutes. In
fact, when identity theft does happens and you are without protection, you may not even
know it. Identity theft protection puts the control back in your hands.
Your identity and credit is made up of multiple layers of information that includes more
than just your Social Security number. Our team uses enhanced monitoring techniques
that protect your credit and identity. Our identity monitoring system helps identify
the most common methods used by criminals: 

Open a new credit card or loan
Change a billing address so you will no longer receive the bills
Open new utilities accounts in your name
Obtain a mobile phone
Open a bank account and writing bad checks
Use your debit card number to withdraw funds
Obtain a new driver’s license or ID
Use your information in the event of an arrest or court action

Isn’t today the day to take action and stop worrying?

Our Identity Theft Protection Works So You Don’t Have To.

Find out what you can do to improve your credit score today.

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