Credit Repair Services

Tradebloc has produced a superior form of credit repair engineered to be used by leading companies to protect and enhance their client’s credit. Tradebloc’s affordable services provide a higher level of credit repair outsourcing for corporations who desire to present it to their clients. Tradebloc is the only company offering credit repair in the industry that focuses solely on the clients of other companies and whose services are not available directly to the general public.  

Tradebloc has developed methods that are nearly 90% successful in removing negative items that most credit repair companies are either unaware of, or ignore completely because they cannot turn a profit by using them.

Any credit repair company using Tradebloc’s methods will experience a superior, affordable service, complete with all techniques at their disposal. We perform the most powerful and comprehensive credit repair available under the law.

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Block & Repair Services

Block & Repair is a multi-layer credit repair approach that addresses negative reporting before it happens. Traditional credit repair companies are reactive and can only be effective after it’s too late; meaning they take action after a clients credit report has already been compromised. The Block & Repair method anticipates and addresses negative reporting before it happens. Combining experienced methods of anticipation and reaction gives your client an unparalleled credit repair experience that is frankly unmatched in the credit repair industry.

This service is not designed for repairing an entire credit report. It’s designed to protect your client’s credit report from Identity theft or possible creditors who may engage in some sort of fraud and misrepresentation. “Block” when there is anticipation that one of your clients may fall victim to any wrongdoing by an overzealous creditor Tradebloc will negotiate with all parties involved to ensure that this creditor’s derogatory mark does not show up on your client’s credit report prior to it appearing or being authorized by that creditor. “Repair” when this suspected creditor has already caused damage to your client’s credit report, we then use traditional credit repair methods to have their derogatory mark forever deleted.

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block and repair credit

Credit & Identity Monitoring

Credit Monitoring helps you identify any suspicious changes to your credit reports including name changes, new addresses, new account information, new inquiries, and new delinquencies. If our system identifies any of these items, you will receive an alert. In addition, keeping a close eye on your credit activity through Experian, Transunion, and Equifax can also help you make sure the reports are accurate, determine the outcome of applying for credit, get insights into what activity helps to raise your score, know when you might qualify for lower interest rate cards, and more.

Everyone is at risk of identity theft. Rest easy by knowing you will receive protection alerts when Dark Web activity is detected with your SSN, credit card numbers, financial account numbers, health insurance number and more. We offer 24/7 monitoring of your valuable identity and scan millions of data points on the Dark Web, secret chat rooms, underground forums, and more, for signs of fraudulent activity.

Our Credit and Identity Monitoring services are Powered by IdenitytIQ.




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