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As news coverage regarding the coronavirus continues to escalate, identity theft also increases. Preying on individuals fears is one way cyber thieves steal the personal identity information, financial information, and medical backgrounds. 
It’s more important now than ever before in our history to stay alert when it comes to protecting your identity and your financial peace of mind.


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Feeling more fearful and insecure is the last thing anyone needs during these uncertain times. Our identity and credit-related services empowers you by offering resources that inform, protect, and alert, in the event of identity theft or credit reporting inaccuracies. COVID-19 scams may include:

Fake websites are that lure viewers to give out credit card information in order to buy COVID-19 products, such as face masks, sanitizers, and other high demand products.

Disguised as healthcare organizations, scammers are sending emails that link to “protected websites” that require personal details to access critical virus information.

False miracle cures are promised after they collect your personal financial and medical details that are then used to commit medical identity theft.

How Safe is Your Identity and Credit?

Without any identity protection, theft can happen to anyone at any time. On average,
identity theft victims suffer over $1K in fraud and countless hours of stress. Thieves move
at the speed of technology giving them access to your information within minutes. In
fact, when identity theft does happens and you are without protection, you may not even
know it. Identity theft protection puts the control back in your hands.
Your identity and credit is made up of multiple layers of information that includes more
than just your Social Security number. Our team uses enhanced monitoring techniques
that protect your credit and identity. Our identity monitoring system helps identify
the most common methods used by criminals: 

□ Open a new credit card or loan □ Change a billing address so you will no longer receive the bills □ Open new utilities accounts in your name □ Obtain a mobile phone □ Open a bank account and writing bad checks □ Use your debit card number to withdraw funds □ Obtain a new driver’s license or ID □ Use your information in the event of an arrest or court action 

Isn’t today the day to take action and stop worrying?

Our Identity Theft Protection Works So You Don’t Have To.

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